Our Mission

​The FBI Detroit Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.


We are community-based and a member supported organization designed to promote a safer community through community service projects and a process of educating business, labor, media, medical, minority, religious, government, youth, senior citizens, and other community leaders about law enforcement, with particular emphasis on the mission and resources of the FBI.

Our Vision

As a Chapter of the FBI National Citizens Academy Association (www.fbincaaa.org) , it is our mission to help the FBI lower the crime rate in our city. For decades our City has ranked highest in the nation on the crime index.  We want to make our city safer.  We want to help our citizens feel secure.  

Our vision is to grow our chapter and increase awareness and strengthen community partnerships.  It will take each and every one of us doing something for the greater good.  We want to help.

Community Outreach

The academy introduces you to an overview of the training the FBI provides to their actual staff, it is guided by the actual FBI agents & professional staff that specialize in each area of instruction. 

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The academy curriculum is created and lead by the FBI.

Team Effort

Team Effort


Community Outreach takes a team. The FBIDCAAA team is comprised of Michigan Chapter Alumni from all walks of life. You will join

CEO's, medical professionals, skilled service workers and so many other members of our community in our mission to make our

community stronger and safer.

Youth Academy

Youth Academy


With a special focus on bringing social

support to our youth to help guide them

into adulthood, classroom sessions

on bullying and human trafficking

are complemented by their own,

age appropriate Youth Academy.


We Raise Your Confidence

The academy provides the knowledge you need regarding guidelines that our law enforcement partners operate by within the community.  You get an understanding of surveillance techniques, shoot and don't shoot guidelines, evidence collection and all the efforts that the FBI uses to make sure your rights are upheld, and how these efforts impact their daily life.

Knowledge builds your confidence in our community and elevates your understanding of how we can support the Federal Bureau of Investigation on their community outreach programs.

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Standing Ready To Help

Our Alumni Association supports FBI Community outreach efforts across the state.

Hosting Events for some of our most vulnerable residents, The FBIDCAAA has engaged with local Senior Activity Centers in our community, providing a valuable connection to FBI presentations on elder abuse and financial fraud.

Connecting corporate philanthropic efforts toward community resources, leveraging the best the area has to offer. In 2021 and 2022 grants have been leveraged to support community efforts in fighting human trafficking .

Board of Directors

The FBIDCAAA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy Program that have been voted in by this chapters members

P. Kelly Comeaux - Board Member
Dr. Shawny DeBerry - Past President
Ramez Haidar  - Vice President
Cathleen Simlar  - Secretary
Sharon Weatherspoon  - Treasurer
Gerald Eggart -  IT, Membership and Social Media
Steve Bazzi - Board Member
Dr. Grenae Dudley - Board Member
Hassen Charara - Board Member
Jay Reynolds - Board Member
Hassan Osman- Board Member
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The FBI Detroit Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBIDCAAA) and local chapters around the Nation support the mission of the FBI through community outreach programs, awareness initiatives and volunteer service.


Our relationship as Partners with the FBI is formally renewed each calendar year through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the local FBI Field Office.

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