Lifetime Members

We would like to recognize and honor the special commitment that a lifetime member has shown to the FBIDCAAA.  With over twenty lifetime members the following have allowed us to show our appreciation here.  If you are a lifetime member and would like your name listed, please send an email to

  • Clauzell Foster
  • Donn Jacquin
  • Melinda (Mindy) Albright
  • Michael T. Thomas, Sr.
  • Nabby Yono
  • Nick Najjar
  • P. Kelly Comeaux
  • Ron Mesic

Members of the FBIDCAAA seek opportunities to support the FBI’s community outreach efforts through volunteerism and the spread of their positive experience with the FBI.  Upon your graduation, you are extended a free membership to the FBIDCAAA so that you can experience our program and what we offer.  At the end of the calendar year that you graduate, you will be presented with the opportunity to renew this relationship.  It is our hope that you maintain your membership and continue to help our engagement efforts in Michigan.  

At the time of renewal (December of the year you graduate) you will need to determine if you wish your relationship to renew annually ($50.00/year) or a lifetime commitment (one-time payment of $1,000)

We look forward to many years of all of us pulling the rope in the same direction, helping Michigan improve.